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This page of our web site presents the context of how, in the future, we hope that our CIC can play a part in the sustainable transformation of the Elvaston Estate.

Below is a quotation from the County Council vision for Elvaston, which pertinently sums up some of the issues and opportunities for the community of interest focused on Elvaston and how they may all move forward.

“Many people have a strong sense of ownership of the area. Groups
representing access, wildlife, community and other interests are active within the Estate and contribute to its care through volunteering, fund-raising, and running events. The contribution of the Elvaston Parish Plan Steering Group and the Elvaston Reserve Action Group, to name just two groups, is already considerable.

However, all is not well. Many of the buildings are in decline, the majority of the Castle is not open to the public and most buildings do not have a current use, whilst the historic significance of the gardens and wider grounds is steadily being eroded. The visitor infrastructure is tired and worn, and the stories and rich heritage of the Estate are not widely known and little celebrated. Moreover, the current financial and operating model is not sustainable in an era of diminishing local authority resources”.

Source: Derbyshire County Council: Elvaston Castle and Estate – Vision and Plan 2014 (Revised April 2014)

The key vision, expressed later in the document, says that the aim of the Elvaston Castle team is to create “…a cherished green space between Derby and Nottingham, the Estate provides for a wide range of recreation, outdoors and other activities that are compatible with its natural and historic importance, whilst visitors understand,
share, and enjoy its rich stories and heritage“.

We could not agree more. Our Board members, staff and volunteers engaged as we grow as a CIC, see this as a direct focusing of our enterprise values in the support of the Estate and its hinterland.

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If you would like to read and digest the full Vision and Plan you can view, print or download the document from this page.

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