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Everything Elvaston Castle is an independent ‘non-political’ community group designed to help assist the community to understand more about the value and significance of Elvaston Castle.

Our aim is to help inform, engage, encourage and communicate, acting as a conduit to link people with the estate’s Past, Present and Future.

Our Vision:

To help secure and safeguard a sustainable future for Elvaston Castle, enabling wherever possible free and open access to the public

Our Mission:

To contribute to the future direction and governance of Elvaston Castle and encouraging wherever possible the development of socially/environmentally minded businesses and activities


1. To act an independent ‘non-political’ body which helps to coalesce the community to understand the value and significance of Elvaston Castle and the estate.

2. To become a valued partner of Derbyshire County Council and/or whatever body is formed thereafter to have oversight of the estate and help shape its future and sustainability.

3. To help inform, engage, encourage and communicate on all matters Elvaston Castle


1. Undertake activities in a manner which is inclusive of all sectors of the community

2. Being respectful of the historical, cultural and environmental significance of Elvaston Castle

3. Being independent and non political


Email  If you’d like to find out more about EEC why not get in touch by contacting us here.

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