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We love Historypin. A project to let local historians collaborate creatively on-line. Can you start a ‘pin’ for Elvaston Castle?

The web site is fluid and informative, but it is a tool to capture memory. It is an enabler of process, which allows individuals and families to upload their visual memories to a service that allows them to be seen by all.

Web link icon   It is history, through the camera lens. See more here.

Historypin is an imaginative product of the We Are What We Do Foundation. This charity aims, with Historypin, to…

“Harnesses the Historypin digital tools to deliver local community and educational programmes.

Within communities, the Foundation’s work aims to increase mutual feelings of value and understanding across different generations; increase feelings of local connectedness and cohesion; increase digital inclusion and digital literacy; increase the health and well-being of older people.

Within education, the Foundation aims to deliver Historypin’s educational potential, across formal and informal learning, as both a passive, exploratory experience and as an active, collaborative experience”.

These aims of Historypin are hugely attuned to the aims and ambitions of Everything Elvaston Castle CIC.

It uses the memories, imaginations and energy of local residents and interest groups to create a wider understanding, an interested, supportive focus and a mutual respect for diverse communities in the hinterland of the great house.

Can we populate it with Elvaston memories?

Currently the Historypin map for Derby looks like this.

Are there enough budding photographers, local historians or families with documents to make an Elvaston Castle Historypin installation a cracking success?

We bet there are. Just let us know.

You can even get a Historypin app to download. History on your phone. Great! See more here…Web link icon

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